The American Veteran Foundation

2035 Applebrook Drive
Monroe, NC 28110


M4034S-4211The American Veteran Foundation was organized to show Veterans of the past, present and future that “We, The People” appreciate their service to our country!

You can talk to anyone on the street today and most will agree that our government doesn’t do enough to help Veterans. A man wanted that to change one day and there is a great story that goes along with it!  This organization was inspired from a project that was developed by my father, Garland Denny back in 2007.

Garland B. Denny, is 84 years old and a Veteran of the Korean War. In a personal effort to see that more is done for Veterans, he envisioned asking Congress to issue a Postal Stamp, Commemorative Coins & Savings Bonds that could be sold to the public. All would honor the Tomb of the Unknowns and the proceeds generated would go to a fund that would help Veterans.

From the day he started, Garland contacted numerous members of Congress about this project in person and in writing. He gained proclamations & resolutions of support from Governors, State Legislators, Mayors and County Commissioners across America. He has thousands of signatures from talking with people on the street. Numerous news stations have aired stories about his efforts on TV, there have been many articles printed in magazines and newspapers since his project began.

Congressman Robert Pittenger from North Carolina’s 9th District  recognized dad’s tenacity and drive to help Veterans. The Congressman’s staff has more than a decade of experience helping local veterans cut through red tape at the VA. On June 6th, 2014 the Congressman arranged a meeting for dad with White House Officials to discuss the project.

All along the way, dad has asked many non-profit organizations to jump in and help work on his project.  He could never gain a firm commitment from existing non-profits because he couldn’t answer specific questions like who, what, when, where and how. Dad was working with Congress and The White House and they were the ones that had to decide the specifics for any bill.

If there was ever going to be a bill in Congress, there would need to be an organization that could be identified to lead the driving effort for years to come.  So, to help dad’s dream become a reality,  I founded The American Veteran Foundation. Together we will show Veterans that America cares!

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