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Just Patriotism Ride Video

Honor Veterans Video courtesy of Jason Weatherstein Chuck Denny Video courtesy of John White Start of the Just Patriotism Ride – Motorcycles Video Courtesy of Mayor Jim Taylor, Matthews, NC Start of Car Procession Video Courtesy of Mayor Jim Taylor, Matthews, NC Video from Overpass Video Courtesy of Jim Shotwell & Family

A Charlotte Veteran’s Grant Application

Cold Showers in Charlotte, NC An Army Veteran that served in Operation Enduring Iraqi Freedom recently contacted our foundation because she saw online that we offer grants to Veterans. She had been out of work for a while but she was a few months into working a new job. She was getting back on her feet again. […]

No more dark, cold nights for NC Marine

A few days ago we received a Grant Application from a US Marine who served 2 tours of duty in Afghanistan. He was discharged in 2013 and worked in security until he was laid off last September. He lives in a modest apartment outside Greensboro, NC and he cares for his disabled father who lives with […]

Here’s a little update…

Our mission is to STAMP OUT PTSD! We meet a lot of people on the street who ask how this semi-postal stamp will help Veterans cure and treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  I thought this would be a great place for me to explain some of the specifics that we have been working on to […]

Garland Denny Meets Hillary Clinton in Charlotte, NC

Hillary Clinton came to Charlotte, NC on October 25,2014 to encourage voters to get out and vote early. Garland was invited by Senator Kay Hagen’s Field Office to attend the event and even arranged front row seating. After her speech, she shook hands with members of the crowd. She approached Garland and thanked him for […]

The Veteran Stamp

Here is an example of the veteran stamp. Would you like to submit a rendering to be considered? Contact us for instructions on submitting your idea for a veteran stamp.

NC Congressman’s new legislation to help Veterans!

Congressman Pittenger (NC-09) issued a press release recently announcing he intends to help Garland Denny gain new legislation in Congress on a bill that will be used to help Veterans without increasing the tax burden or the national debt. Last week, Congressman Pittenger’s staff met with officials from the White House and United States Postal […]

Garland Denny meets President Obama in Charlotte, NC

Congressman Robert Pittenger arranged for Garland Denny to meet President Obama when he was in town to speak to one of our nation’s largest Veteran groups. Garland has been on a mission to see that all Veterans receive access to better care since 2007. The President thanked Mr. Denny for what he is doing to […]