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A Charlotte Veteran’s Grant Application

TAVF-Identity SlideCold Showers in Charlotte, NC

An Army Veteran that served in Operation Enduring Iraqi Freedom recently contacted our foundation because she saw online that we offer grants to Veterans. She had been out of work for a while but she was a few months into working a new job. She was getting back on her feet again. She fought to keep a roof over her head, she kept the power on but her natural gas had been disconnected because of a past due balance.

I had the chance to talk to her on the phone a few times while reviewing her application. It became apparent to me that she had just fallen behind on some bills and she couldn’t get caught back up. I also found out that for about 3 weeks, her options for keeping clean were to either take a cold shower or boil water to get a hot bath.

We are thankful that she took the first step, which was making the decision to reach out and ask for help. The fact though is that many Veterans won’t ask for help because there are so many hoops to jump through when they do need assistance. How could we really blame them for feeling that way?  Very little action has been taken to change that mentality so far during my lifetime.

Think about this for a moment, here is a war Veteran who came back home from serving in Iraqi. Is there ever a time where she or any other Veteran for that matter should have to go back to living without all the conveniences they fought to preserve? I say no, there should never be a time where a Veteran goes without shelter, without food or all the conveniences an American way of life offers.  America is failing our Veterans. There is an ongoing debate on how to provide more assistance to them but the fizz has gone flat on enacting actions to help. We can sit down and understand how to help them as quickly as we can decide to send them into battle.

Thinking about this Veteran, I realized there are a few mentalities of service within our country. If you have ever been a civilian in a government agency, you know there is no customer service. You are a number and there is a job to do, so wait your turn “we will get to you”. When it comes to private enterprise, the customer is king! Serve your customer with excellence and they will reward you with new clients to serve. If we are ever going to improve care for Veterans, we really need to adopt an expectation of excellence in taking better care those who have served us all.


No more dark, cold nights for NC Marine

A few days ago we received a Grant Application from a US Marine who served 2 tours of duty in Afghanistan. He was discharged in 2013 and worked in security until he was laid off last September. He lives in a modest apartment outside Greensboro, NC and he cares for his disabled father who lives with him. He has been searching for a position in security or police work but has had no success.


A North Carolina UTILITY company worked with him for many months to try and manage his bill but the Marine was unable to make any payments because the money he did get a hold of had to pay the rent and the food bill.  On January 21, 2015 the utility company decided to disconnect his power and his water service. For 8 days, he had no water and no power in his home – 8 days. He reached out for help around his town but had no luck. He went to the internet searching for answers and found one of the ads we had placed for helping Veterans. He submitted his grant application on our website and we found a way to help him.


The best thing about this story is, we could have never helped this American unless it was for people like you!  See, his bill got pretty large, over $1400.00 to be exact.  After reading his grant application and speaking with him over the phone, I had no idea how we were going to help him but I knew that we had to help him. This man fought for our freedom as an Infantryman for 2 tours of duty – halfway across the world at that! He or any other Veteran for that matter, doesn’t deserve to spend a single night in the dark or cold inside America…he went 8 days!


We only had a few hundred bucks in the bank so we had to put the word out to our friends and family on social media. We made a few phone calls to some other non-profits located near this Veteran and everyone pitched in to make it right. As I sit back and think about this Marines story, I can’t help but to think about his thoughts to himself the first night his utilities were gone. He didn’t tell me and I didn’t ask but in my mind I imagine that was a pretty lonely place – one where he thought no one cared.


Something tells me at some point he thought to himself; that a few cold nights in a dark apartment – in the middle of NC is way better than any day in Afghanistan. I don’t know that for sure but what I do know is….one Marine and his father are warm today and they know people care.


May God Bless You Soldier, Thank You For Your Service !

Here’s a little update…

Chuck Denny Founder of The American Veteran FoundationOur mission is to STAMP OUT PTSD! We meet a lot of people on the street who ask how this semi-postal stamp will help Veterans cure and treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  I thought this would be a great place for me to explain some of the specifics that we have been working on to make sure this is one of the most effective research and treatment projects known in America.  Keep in mind, this new semi-postal stamp to help Veterans still needs to be introduced into legislation but Congressman Robert Pittenger is going to introduce this idea to Congress early next year.


What does “Semi-Postal” mean?

Semi-Postal means that Congress will authorize the sale of the stamp through the United States Postal Service (USPS) for a period of  two years. The US Postal Service will handle the promotion and all sales of the stamp across America, you will even be able to buy them online. When Americans buy the stamp the proceeds will be disbursed to the Department of Defense who will then distribute the funds according to the specifics of the passed legislation. Congress will then re-evaluate the project every two years to determine how effective the project is in meeting it’s goal.


What will the Department of Defense do with the money?

The Congressman has shared that the bill will detail the funds to be distributed by certain undetermined percentages. The largest portion of the funds will go to helping research and develop treatments for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The remainder portion of the funds would be distributed to non profit organizations already making a difference for Veterans like The American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans, Iraqi and Afghanistan War Veterans. The final legislation will outline all organizations that would receive the funding.


How does The American Veteran Foundation Fit in the Picture?

Regardless of what happens with the stamp legislation, we are making a conscience effort to Put Veterans First! If you look on the National Center For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder website is says “PTSD is the most prevalent mental health challenge faced by our Nation’s Veterans.”

We will do our part by providing grants directly to Veterans in order to help them pay non-covered medical expenses related to PTSD. We also provide grants to all Veterans who may face small financial hardships with paying utility bills and transportation costs.  This program will show Veterans who have served in any capacity that America cares for their sacrifice. It will also show that we care to see them get the proper care needed. It will instill patriotism and show future Veterans that they will be taken care of should they ever decide to serve.


Garland Denny meets Hillary Clinton in Charlotte, NC

Garland Denny Meets Hillary Clinton in Charlotte, NC

Hillary Clinton came to Charlotte, NC on October 25,2014 to encourage voters to get out and vote early. Garland was invited by Senator Kay Hagen’s Field Office to attend the event and even arranged front row seating. After her speech, she shook hands with members of the crowd. She approached Garland and thanked him for his service to his country. Mrs. Clinton even took the time to stop her progression so that she could take a look at Garland’s picture collection. She seemed pretty amazed at all the people he has been in touch with to discuss his Veterans Petition.

Click here if you would like to see the photos of Garland Denny’s journey to help Veterans.

Garland Denny meets Hillary Clinton in Charlotte, NC
Garland Denny and his son Chuck meet Hillary Clinton in Charlotte, NC

Garland Denny and his son, Chuck  Denny meet Hillary Clinton in Charlotte, NC

The Veteran Stamp

Here is an example of the veteran stamp. Would you like to submit a rendering to be considered? Contact us for instructions on submitting your idea for a veteran stamp.
Draft of the Veteran Stamp

Congressman Pittenger and Garland Denny announce new legislation for Veterans.

NC Congressman’s new legislation to help Veterans!

Congressman Pittenger (NC-09) issued a press release recently announcing he intends to help Garland Denny gain new legislation in Congress on a bill that will be used to help Veterans without increasing the tax burden or the national debt.

Last week, Congressman Pittenger’s staff met with officials from the White House and United States Postal Service to discuss the latest proposal, which would create a semi-postal stamp raising money for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) treatment. Following that meeting, the White House encouraged Congressman Pittenger to proceed with legislation.

Announcing Help for Veterans Congressman Pittenger talks with Garland Denny Congressman Pittenger takes a picture with The Denny Family

Click here to check out the press release on the Congressman’s website!

Garland Denny White House Invitee

Garland Denny meets President Obama in Charlotte, NC

Congressman Robert Pittenger arranged for Garland Denny to meet President Obama when he was in town to speak to one of our nation’s largest Veteran groups. Garland has been on a mission to see that all Veterans receive access to better care since 2007.

The President thanked Mr. Denny for what he is doing to help Veterans and he stopped to chat and take a picture with the 83 year old Korean War Veteran. Garland hopes to get an invitation to return back to The White House soon!

The American Legion's National Convention President Obama Speaks in Charlotte, NC Garland Meets President Obama

Garland Denny meets President Obama