Garland Denny White House Invitee

Garland Denny meets President Obama in Charlotte, NC

Congressman Robert Pittenger arranged for Garland Denny to meet President Obama when he was in town to speak to one of our nation’s largest Veteran groups. Garland has been on a mission to see that all Veterans receive access to better care since 2007.

The President thanked Mr. Denny for what he is doing to help Veterans and he stopped to chat and take a picture with the 83 year old Korean War Veteran. Garland hopes to get an invitation to return back to The White House soon!

The American Legion's National Convention President Obama Speaks in Charlotte, NC Garland Meets President Obama

Garland Denny meets President Obama

About to take a West Wing Tour...

Denny’s Visit the White House

Back in June we got a chance to visit The White House so Dad could pitch his project to help Veterans to White House Officials. Well, we also got the chance to take a West Wing Tour. It was a pretty awesome experience to tour the West Wing. You can’t take many pictures inside the White House but we did get a chance to snap a few. We will share more about that experience in a future post, in the meantime check out the pictures below.IMG_3287IMG_3308IMG_3312IMG_3329IMG_3322