No more dark, cold nights for NC Marine

A few days ago we received a Grant Application from a US Marine who served 2 tours of duty in Afghanistan. He was discharged in 2013 and worked in security until he was laid off last September. He lives in a modest apartment outside Greensboro, NC and he cares for his disabled father who lives with him. He has been searching for a position in security or police work but has had no success.


A North Carolina UTILITY company worked with him for many months to try and manage his bill but the Marine was unable to make any payments because the money he did get a hold of had to pay the rent and the food bill.  On January 21, 2015 the utility company decided to disconnect his power and his water service. For 8 days, he had no water and no power in his home – 8 days. He reached out for help around his town but had no luck. He went to the internet searching for answers and found one of the ads we had placed for helping Veterans. He submitted his grant application on our website and we found a way to help him.


The best thing about this story is, we could have never helped this American unless it was for people like you!  See, his bill got pretty large, over $1400.00 to be exact.  After reading his grant application and speaking with him over the phone, I had no idea how we were going to help him but I knew that we had to help him. This man fought for our freedom as an Infantryman for 2 tours of duty – halfway across the world at that! He or any other Veteran for that matter, doesn’t deserve to spend a single night in the dark or cold inside America…he went 8 days!


We only had a few hundred bucks in the bank so we had to put the word out to our friends and family on social media. We made a few phone calls to some other non-profits located near this Veteran and everyone pitched in to make it right. As I sit back and think about this Marines story, I can’t help but to think about his thoughts to himself the first night his utilities were gone. He didn’t tell me and I didn’t ask but in my mind I imagine that was a pretty lonely place – one where he thought no one cared.


Something tells me at some point he thought to himself; that a few cold nights in a dark apartment – in the middle of NC is way better than any day in Afghanistan. I don’t know that for sure but what I do know is….one Marine and his father are warm today and they know people care.


May God Bless You Soldier, Thank You For Your Service !